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Classeur et dossiers
Classeur et dossiers

The municipalities that finance the costs of destroying  hornets nest

Depending on the departments and municipalities concerned, you can benefit from partial or total support for the costs of destroying nests. To find out if you are eligible,  contact your town hall.

This aid is intended solely for the destruction of asian hornet nests, the species classified in the list of second category health hazards for the honeybee Apis Mellifera throughout France.

In the department of Haute Vienne:

-the city of Rochechouart (87600) participates financially, up to €30, for the destruction of Asian hornet nests upon presentation of a paid invoice to the town hall.


-In Saint Junien (87200) financial aid for the destruction of Asian hornet nests is provided by the municipality. The system applies to destruction carried out between May 1 and October 31 of the current year. The rate of allocation of this aid will be 50% of the cost, up to a limit of 40 euros for a simple intervention. Individuals who have Asian hornet nests destroyed by professionals must submit their file to the town hall within two months of the intervention.


-The town hall of Chalus (87230) is in the process of setting up assistance for individuals to help finance the destruction of Asian hornet nests



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