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European Hornets and Wasps

Hornets and wasps are Hymenoptera insects belonging to the phylogenetic family Vespidae.

Help with Identification of the Insects

Click HERE to download this sheet to help you identify different insects

If you have discovered a European hornet's nest or a wasp's nest...

Wasps like to live in a wide variety of places: in trees, bushes, in the ground; under gutters, in chimneys, under roof tiles; under the skylight, windowsill, under the mailbox...

European hornets often build their nests in trunks, tree stumps, attics, chimneys, etc.

If it really is the common, European hornet, or wasps, you might as well let them live their lives. These are local species that have an important role in our ecosystem, by controlling the population of other insects, such as flies.

However, if their nest is too close to a home, involving the passage of people nearby, or if it is a nest of Asian hornets, an invasive species, then destruction must be considered.

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