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Solutions Natures 87

My name is Romain Donadio, I created the company Solutions Natures 87 in 2021, based in St Priest Ligoure, which allows me to work in the two fields that I am passionate about – insects and fruit tree growing.


For the extermination of Asian hornets, which are very harmful for our bees, but also other insects, I only use an insecticide of 100% vegetal origin, which is active only for a few days ( enough to destroy the nest) and is therefore not harming the rest of our fauna.

Treatments with a 100% natural professional insecticide injected into the heart of the nest thus limiting the dispersion of the product

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Romain Donadio


Natural Insecticide
environmental protection
environmental protection
guranteed quality

Destruction of Asian hornet nests; solutions for European hornet and wasp nests; elimination of processionnel caterpillars; rescue of bee colonies. Rapid interventions, in compliance with the regulations in force and biodiversity with a 100% natural professional insecticide.

Maintenance of orchards, soft and respectful pruning, grafting with a wide selection of fruit trees of old local varieties, pressing of apples and pears.

Romain Donadio Solutions Natures 87
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Very satisfied with the first intervention of this company.
Its manager is punctual, competent, attentive to the customer, concerned about the protection of health and the environment.

Francis LBC


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